Hill of Tara

title_flower1Hill of Tara

The Hill of Tara is about 1.6 kms to the right off the main Navan/ Dublin Road.

It is the wealth of history and legend associated with Royal Tara as the ancient spiritual and political Capital of Ireland, and its central place in Irish History, which attracts ongoing, national and international interest. For here on this lonely hill, once stood a royal acropolis.

For well over two thousand years royalty occupied Tara. This was an ideal spot to build a palace and, in time, the Five Ancient Roads of Ireland converged here, linking CrĂșachan – Rathcroghan in County Roscommon, Eamain Macha – NavanFort in County Armagh and DĂșn Ailinne. The view from the hill is one of the best features. The surrounding countryside is considered to be one of the richest pastureland in the whole of Ireland.

Here at the cultural and political heart of the country every third year there was a great Feis (fair or festival) held at which the laws and the rules of the land were discussed and revised.

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